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Aloha LSHD Fans!! Jen here... sharing with you a beautiful card made with "Aloha". This card was created using the lily vine from "Lamb of God" - the sentiment "MAHALO" means "Thank You" in Hawaiian. Did you know that some tourists when coming to Hawaii, thought that "Mahalo" meant "trash"... why?? Because the trash bins on around our island is imprinted with "MAHALO" on the lids... LOL! But it means "Thank You!"...  Have a blessed week! Thanks for stopping by!!!



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A Little Rain Must Fall

I don't know about you, but I love a good rain shower.
I love sitting out on my porch swing and just listening to the rain fall.
Here in Illinois, well my part of Illinois anyways, we have been greatly lacking in the rainfalls.  So when we do have a shower I make sure to enjoy it while it last.

This week's blog theme is Rainy Days.





I hope you have enjoyed looking at all the wonderful projects our design team has made.
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