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Dairy Shack

This was one of those pages I started late at night.  I got all the pieces cut and then went to bed.  When I came back to my desk the next afternoon, I thought I'd lost my mind!  What was I thinking cutting all those pieces, now I had to try to get them to match up, lol.  Then I got the crazy idea to sew down all the seams, crazy I tell ya!  I do love the background after I finished it!
This page is all about the Dairy Shack, a very favorite place of my granddaughter & I'm sure her little sister will love it too.  It's always a sure sign that summer is coming & a very exciting day when it finally opens.  I decided to take a picture and record it so that my girls will  have it later to know what it looked like when they were little.
For this page I used the Ice Cream Kids pattern for the shake cup.
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