Thursday, February 4, 2016

Box of Chocolates Mouse Shaped Card

Hello LSHD Fans! Today I want to share with you a Box of Chocolates Mouse Shaped Card that I made!

I used the Adorable pattern Box of Chocolate Mouse that you can find here:

To create my card first I uploaded the pattern into Design Space. I then layered all of the images together exactly how I wanted to paper piece them. Next I grouped the image and then duplicated it. With the duplicate selected, I hit weld to create a shadow base card layer. After that I duplicated my shadow layer one last time and then mirrored the second image. I then put both shadow layers next to each other and just slightly overlapped the edges so that my card would have the perfect amount of space for the card to fold. I then selected both shadow layers and welded them together. Afterwards I added a score line to the part I wanted to fold. To do this I selected the card layer and the scoreline and then hit attach.

Once I was happy with my Design, I then cut out all of the pattern pieces with my Explore in plain and glitter card stock. Next I inked and chalked all of the paper edges to create dimension and shape. I then assembled all of the layers and attached them to my shaped card base. To finish I added highlights with a white paint pen, and also added sequins and rhinestones for some extra embellishment. Thank you so much for stopping by and have a fantastic day! LSHD DT Mindy

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