Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Same Day, Different Way Wednesday

It is that time again! Meagan and Christi with ...Same Day Different Way.  This week we worked on the adorable "Love Hot Air Balloon" file. 
 Christi Here...I used American Craft Card Stock to create the file.  First I made the heart and cut it out on my cameo the size I wanted it fora template. Then I folded a piece of red card stock in half the size I wanted for the top of my card . Fussy Cut it out. The rest of the card I cut out on my cameo. My card was done. Hope you enjoy it ! Next up is Meagan....

Hello,  I made a Valentine Decoration with the "Love Hot Air Balloon" file.  I made the balloon out of a heart wreath.  I added a white glittery paper to the back of the heart and glued on the title. The pandas are in the basket of the air balloon.  There are more pictures on my blog.  Thank you so much for looking.  

Thank you for tuning in to Same Day, Different Way! Until Next Week...