Monday, March 17, 2014

Life Flight

Hello there, it's Monday again!  Today I'm sharing a page documenting a recent frightening experience we had in our family.
Our little grandson was accidentally hit in the head with a flying object that his 3 year old brother had gotten a hold of.  When his Mom told him to give it to her he sent it flying.  It landed on baby brothers head :(.  At first my daughter thought it was just a little cut but then he suddenly lost consciousness. She called 911 and before she knew it her apartment was full of rescue workers.  They made the decision to call Air Evac & fly him to Children's Hospital in St. Louis Missouri.  We got a frantic call from her telling us she was getting in a helicopter & that they baby was being flown to Children's.  We were totally stunned & had no idea what all was going on except that he had a head injury.  We hurried and picked up his big brother & headed to St. Louis.   By the time we got there they had just told our daughter that he had a mild concussion but would be fine & they were releasing him. He was unconscious in the helicopter until just before they arrived at the hospital.
It was one of the scariest experiences I've ever had.  I've only had one other family member that had to be sent by Air Evac, my Dad, he passed away a few hours after we got to the hospital that night.  So, I just do not have good experience & was so scared of what might happen when finally got the hospital.  I feel we were very blessed & our little one had an angel with him that night.
I wanted to make sure to document this in my Project Life book.  On the front of the page I did not go into a long description of what happened that night because his big brother did no mean to hit him & I don't want him to always look at the page & be reminded of how this happened.  He's too little to remember this.  I did write a long letter to him on the back explaining the accident & how it happened.
For this page I used the freebie helicopter pattern from a few weeks ago.  It was just perfect for this page because I wanted to keep it light since we had such a great outcome from his little adventure.
Thanks for stopping by our blog today.  I wish you a Happy Scrappy Week!

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